Life Cycle:

Intense personal transformation and alignment of

body, mind, spirit, and movement.

Guided through foundational healing and knowledge to

provide you the tools to step into a new body (and for

women, grow a body for someone else).


Focus and train your mind, heal your gut, move your

body, free your spirit, and align them to reach your dreams.


integrative healing

Definition -

Integrative Healing is a personalized approach to restore the body, mind, and spirit to
homeostasis by combining principles of Structural Integration, fascial release, neuromuscular
programming, and energy flow balancing through utilizing manual techniques, breath and
movement coaching,energy work, and center/grounding exercises.

Benefit -

The body, mind, and spirit are inseparably connected and constantly influence one
another. Physical ailments can be a result of an injury or possibly a toxic belief that manifests in
the physical as pain or disease.
When we connect and align the body, mind, and spirit, we are able to have better control
and performance in all aspects of our lives. Better posture is a result and influence of confidence
and health, better mental capacities, and finding greater meaning and purpose in life. Balancing
the energy flow in the body and removing negative beliefs removes barriers that hold us back
from reaching our deepest dreams.
Whatever we do and whatever we aspire to in life, aligning and balancing our body,
mind, and spirit help us be better and go farther.



Fascia surrounds your muscles, bones, neurons, organs, and runs from one to the other without seam. It simply changes structure and direction. My guess is that fascia is more abundant that muscle tissue, because it surrounds each muscle fiber, and then makes sheaths to divide things. In fact, it is more likely that the combination of fascia and bone is what holds us upright with muscle being secondary for movement.

-Kristy Burtenshaw LMT SI

"Habitual 'good posture' does not come holding oneself upright. It happens naturally when a body is free of structural limitations. [...] Biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf discovered that. Her great accomplishment was to make a connection between body structure, gravity, connective tissue and body plasticity. In a lifetime of practical application, she developed an equally "simple" and brilliant method to balance body structures in gravity and allow them to align and uplift."

-Hans Georg Brecklinghaus

Rolfing Structural Integration

p. 12, 15-16

Your brain connects to your body through fascia. Of course neurons, the brain, the spinal cord are all covered by fascia...even tiny little myelin sheaths.

-Kristy Burtenshaw LMT SI

"In the motor control system, cerebellar function apparently involves a kind of fine-tuning that coordinates incoming and outgoing neural signals. In complex movements like running or jumping, for example, the body must sense and instantly reposition feet, knees and torso. The cerebellum quarterbacks the process based on learning and predicting what adjustments the task requires.

“We think it’s doing this same computation with all different behaviors, balancing not just movement and gait, but also cognitive control and emotional processing,” Schmahmann says. “An important function of the brain is to maintain the organism in a state of optimal interaction with its surroundings—family, community, the world at large. All require modulation around a baseline.”"


When you've practiced a habit for many years your muscles remember (combining with neurons, of course) how to do something. That doesn't mean you did it well, it means you created a pathway. After releasing the fascia it is important to begin to reprogram your alignment and muscle use.


Muscles are something we've known about for a long time...but it doesn't mean we know how to take care of them. 

For starters, did you know that calcium is used to contract a energy required? It is ATP that is made by potassium/magnesium, water, and oxygen that creates energy to relax/stretch a muscle. I know. mind blown, or at least mine was when I learned it.

Also, did you know that when you contract a muscle the actin and myosin go back and forth, like climbing a ladder? If you overwork them they get stuck part the way up, making your potential to contract that muscle reduce...and then of course the fascia cools around a static muscle....always back to fascia.

-Kristy Burtenshaw LMT SI



Bones have amazing abilities to create blood, hold the body up, and withstand insane amounts of pressure. Under pressure they can regrow, overgrow, and without pressure they can wither into rickets and osteoporosis. 

Nutrition discoveries are showing that people are getting vitamin D and not absorbing it, we need Vitamin K to help the D be useful. (I take a k2 d3 to absorb the minerals needed to keep bones sturdy and prepared to define our features.

During my studies I found that you can change the shape of your bones. I'll have to look that up, it was some dull journal that became interesting to me when I found my extra long tibia and fibula could be modified. (It's just osteoclastic and osteoblastic activity.) I devoured it and then I followed the instructions and my bones are happily the proper length and without the spiraling torsion.

-Kristy Burtenshaw LMT SI




holistic fertility

prenatal doula

full service doula

This is under construction, ironically, but it is coming. Besides FAM and Nutrition, it is difficult for me to describe (concisely) what I do to help fertility.

birth plan

father support training class

prenatal & nutrition class

two prenatal visits

birth pool set up and take down

pelvic floor release



birth attendance doula

one post natal appointment

fascial work session

postpartum Structural Integration 10 sessions

birth plan(s)

father support training class

prenatal & nutrition class

two prenatal visits

prenatal Structural Integration 10 sessions birth

pool set up and take down

pelvic floor release  



rebozo with rebozo practice

essential oil custom roller bottles

birth attendance doula

one post natal appointment

fascial work session

beng kung binding instruction & fabric

newborn pictures

placenta encapsulator

postpartum Structural Integration 10 sessions


nutrition gut balancing

energy and meridians

The study and practice of healing Asian meridians is over 3,000 years old and, in my view, that is the longest medical study in the history of mankind. Plenty of time to work out the things that don't work.

If you want to heal your gut there is more to it than changing diet, and rebalancing gut microbiome with pre and probiotics and enzymes, you need to balance your life and that is easier when rebalancing your meridians.

pre /probiotics & enzymes

There are a lot of contributing factors to a leaking gut, which is holes between the villi in your small intestine. It hurts. things get through to your blood that weren't meant to. In order to help heal your gut intaking enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, you help your body reduce inflammation and properly digest the foods you are eating. There is more than one way to get these into your diet.


After 18 or so years of studying nutrition as an avid hobbyist I have found a lot of contradiction between physiology and recommended dietary intake. I've also been concerned that it isn't more personal with people having such diverse backgrounds, body shapes, metabolisms, and genetics. I finally found things that consistently help many people; but I'm open to trouble shoot.

Even in our best intentions we have habits that make change difficult. Understanding this is a part of our inherent nature is important in addressing the baby steps to healing how you eat and taking away villainization of ourselves and our food.


holistic approach



Integrative Bodywork

Flexibility & Core Training

From salt intake, to sleep duration and times, sun exposure, movement, exercise, relationships, and even/especially religion, you matter.


A person cannot disconnect from part of oneself and still be able to fully heal. Recognizing yourself and owning your divine mission is part of our hope to help you feel safe in. Authentically being able to achieve healthy posture, activity, nutrition, good relationships, and personal peace. That is what we hope to accomplish at DanceCore.

We both were raised in western medicine homes, so when we began to study naturopathic methods we could see the benefits and disadvantages in each. The more we study both the more we are likely to turn to naturopathy first, for western medicine is much like heavy artillery in a battle whereas naturopathic is like an accurate arrow. If we can prevent then we never have to get to the artillery.

No two bodies are alike, so we utilize many modalities to fit your need

  • Structural Integration

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Reflexology

  • Acupressure

  • Cryotherapy

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Russian Sports massage

  • Trigger Point

  • belief processing

  • tapping

  • premortal processing

  • chakras

There is a fine balance between flexibility and strength. If you are too strong then your body is more prone to be injured due to rigidity, and if it is too flexible it in more prone to injury due to overextension. 

When you're yielding and releasing it is important to set your body up for success by making good habits in activities you do often, and cooling down properly after a workout or long drive makes a world of difference short and longterm.


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